Which manhwa had the highest readership in 2024?

Are you aware that Manhwa has been around since the 20th century? Nowadays, Manhwa has gained popularity worldwide. Do you know which manhwa was the most famous in 2024?

1. Absolute Threshold (Released on February 1, 2024)

What does Absolute Threshold talk about?

He only daughter of a rich and powerful household, Choi Jumi.
She seems to have it all but she lives a lonely life unable to do anything according to her own will.
And on an especially cold and long winter, she meets that man. A merciless, cruel and cold man. Jung Yoongyo, a big shot and heir to Woosung, South Korea’s largest gang organization.
As she waited for him on a blind date set by her father, she hoped he wouldn’t show up.
“I think I’ve given you enough time to run away.”
‘If I had run away then and we hadn’t met, would this have never happened?’

What genre does Absolute Threshold belong to?

Adult, Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Smut

2. Mr Devourer, Please Act Like a Final Boss (Released on February 1, 2024)

What does Mr Devourer, Please Act Like a Final Boss talk about?

The era of dungeon raids has finally arrived. The Seven Great Evil Dungeons— the seven strongest dungeons that are considered impossible to conquer. Deep within the most infamous dungeon, Primordial Core, lives the worst boss monster of all time, the “Devourer.” “Does it make any sense that the dungeon boss was dozing off until the humans were right in front of him?!?!” Because of the constant visits from humans, the doorsteps of the Primordial Core never dry up, and the nagging the Devourer hears never stops…?! “Ha… I don’t want to do this.”

What genre does Mr Devourer, Please Act Like a Final Boss belong to?

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

Where can I read those manhwa?

You can read those manhwa for free on ManhuaManhwa website!
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