Top 2 Best Josei manhwa of all time

What is manhwa?

Manhwa is a genre of comics originating from South Korea. It is because of this that the setting and culture of the stories carry the distinct characteristics of the Korean. In the past, Manhwa was heavily influenced by Japanese Manga, so its aesthetics and effects often lacked uniqueness. However, with the emergence and strong development of webtoons, a distinct art style and storytelling approach for Manhwa have been created.

What is Josei manhwa?

Josei manhwa is a genre of Korean webtoons or comics that is specifically targeted towards adult women. The term "josei" translates to "woman" in Japanese, and the genre caters to the interests, experiences, and concerns of adult female readers.

Top 2 Best Josei manhwa of all time?

1. I Refuse to Be Executed a Second Time

Description:  Ella Walker looks back on her life atop a guillotine. She was forced to cancel her engagement with Prince Gil in favor of her stepsister Isabella and demoted to rule a desolate hinterland. Then, the resulting riot leads to Ella getting executed. But after the execution, she somehow ends up reincarnated ten years into the past. Having been given a chance to do it all over again, Ella is determined to live her new life freely, without being tied down. She gives up her spot as Prince Gil’s fiancee to Isabella and decides to work hard to reform the hinterland as its new lord. But fate’s guillotine doesn’t leave Ella’s throat, with the blades of many trials to come threatening to stab her. Can she escape her destined death and obtain happiness…? Genre(s): 
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo, Webtoons

2. How To Stop The Tyrant’s Blackening

Description:  She became an extra member of the Blackmak family, who blackened the emperor and turned him into a tyrant. The darkened tyrant is obsessed with the female lead and becomes a good villainous sub-male lead. Of course, what about me before that? I die after being used only. However, I didn’t know this death would be repeated three times. How to break the cycle of tedious regression? Let’s stop the blackening of the tyrant. * “Do you believe in Tao?” A gaze that looked like a worm came back. I know how it feels. I was like that, too. “I can’t even sleep well these days!” Flinch. She stopped walking, trying to ignore it. “My mind is blank. My heart is pounding like crazy. Don’t you think your head is going to explode? ” Under my eyes, a perfect man looked at me even if he had dark circles. ” …Can I believe in the Tao?” Of course, just trust me. Genre(s): 
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo,
Tragedy, Webtoons

Where to read Josei manhwa for free?

You can read Josei manhwa for free on the ManhuaManhwa website. Don’t forget follow ManhuaManhwa to get the latest news of  manhwa!